Gratitude & Spiritual Grounding During Trump’s Presidency

In a time of a lot of political hate, Valentines Day is a day to remember love.  And, when it comes down to it, marital love is about practicing gratitude. I am grateful that my husband has dealt with my total abandonment of domestic duties since the election.  He has sacrificed nights and weekends so […]

7 Reasons to Keep Being Thankful After the Holidays by Christina Sarich

During the holiday cheer and chaos we are easily reminded to stay thankful for our family, our friends, and the precious time we have with them, but its important to keep our focus on gratitude once the gifts are all exchanged, and the snow has stopped falling. When the new year rolls around, we often […]

Bilingual Education, Monolingual Parents

“Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century,”says Gregg Roberts, world language specialist for the Utah Office of Education.  Only 17 % of Americans can speak another language, while over 50% of Europeans and up to two-thirds of adults in other parts of the world can converse in a second language.  A 2007 Gallup poll […]

Love in Action

I believe that the universe is friendly. And I believed that alone made Trump’s victory impossible. Trump’s election caused me to stay awake at night not out of fear (although it was there) but because it made me question whether I believe the universe, or this nation, is friendly.    It caused me to question my faith […]

7 Apps for Developing Pre-K & K Thinking Skills

I have always loved math, brain busters, puzzles and board games.  I think it is because they encourage you to break out of your normal thinking patterns and use your brain in a new and interesting way.  They encourage you to play with your brain in the same way you play with your body in […]

Top 7 Storybook Apps for Pre-K & K

     I love storybook apps because they make stories come to life and encourage a life-long love for reading.  In the pre- and early-reading stages, kids can’t sit down with a good book and read it on their own. The animation, sounds, and highlighted text of storybook apps take reading to the next level and provide an educational yet […]

Apps for Preschoolers: Part 1 – Guidelines

There is no question that unmonitored technology and screen time can have a negative effect on our youngest children because fast music,  flashing images, and violence can create kids that expect to be entertained all the time, develop poor social and behavior skills and have limited creativity.  The question on every new parent’s mind is “How much is […]